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Senior Architect

Location: Columbus, OH
Position Type: Contract
Position Term: 6-12 Month
Position Number: 96686
Posted On: 2/13/2020 9:48:05 AM

Job Description

Senior Architect


    Immediate need for a Senior Architect a technical expert work on smart mobility and big data projects. The selected candidate will work directly with these teams in researching, building and implementing the computer applications that will meet the project missions, and coordination among the teams. These efforts will also provide the structure for state-wide implementation of advanced smart mobility communication and transportation technologies.

  • 20+ yrs. experience in software development.
  • 10+ yrs. experience of secure DevOps design and implementation.
  • 8+ yrs. Big Data system design and implementation
  • Deep Learning experience in the context of AVCV.
  • Extensive experience in Open Source software.
  • Extensive experience with functional and object oriented programming.
  • Solid principles in domain driven design.
  • 5+ yrs. experience with Python/Jython and Virtualenv (Python 3).
  • Demonstrated end to end Big Data with recent focus in Machine Learning.
  • Proven experience in Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Sensor Fusion, Localization, artificial intelligence, Control and Path Planning.
  • Creative thinker with experience in implementing Open Source.
  • Student of advanced Open Source BI tools, having implemented at least three BI applications end to end. Preference to Tableau, Pentaho, Pentaho, BIRT, JasperReport, SpagoBI, KNIME, ReportServer, Bitnami ReportServer Stack
  • Expert knowledge with a track record of solution delivery using various data integration solutions in situations requiring real time (synchronous and asynchronous) messaging, Publish/Subscribe models, Microservices patterns, Middleware, and other related methodologies in a multi-user, multi-platform, multi-tier environment.
  • Extensive experience with Anaconda for machine learning with Scikit and TensorFlow.
  • 8+ yrs. experience of leading the adoption of Agile development methodology and Knockout technology
  • 5 yrs. experience in Hadoop HDFS Build and administration, certification preferred.
  • 10+ yrs. experience in Java, considered a journeyman in this language.
  • 7 yrs. experience in Web systems and application deployment, leveraging docker containers for releases.
  • 7 yrs. experience in Requirements Gathering and Use Case development.
  • Experience working on autonomous vehicle solutions
  • Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering preferred.
  • 5 yrs. experience in working with, installing and setting up HBase, MongoDB, Maven, DocumentDB, Amazon DynamoDB, BigTable, Cassandra, or Druid.
  • Experience with autonomous/connected vehicle technology.
  • Education
    4 year college degree in computer science or related field

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